Le Jas de la Caroline
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The rooms align their colours :

"Eglantine and Capucine".
Both rooms are adorned with provencal-colour-painted furniture and they both have a bathroom and separate toilets.


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"Eglantine" (Wild Rose) tinted with pink and pastel green.


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As for "Capucine" (Nasturtium) the prevailing shades are salmon-pink and lime-green. Its furniture is rustic-style and its kitchen is installed in the bygone bread-baking oven. Its leaving-room opens to the East on a private sun-drenched terrace.


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In the large garden, you will find relaxing spots, sunny or shady ones, according to your mood.
Breakfast and dinner are served on the terrace. Cookies, cakes, pies, home-made jams, Provencal cooking... will be proposed to you.


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If ever the weather is still a bit cool, you will find a casy shelter near the fireplace in the dining-room on the ground-floor.
There, in a user-friendly atmosphere, you might take one of the books about Provence from the bookshelves and settle down in an armchair to leaf through it as the fire crackles.

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